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Raise-an-Artist in Your Community


Raise-an-Artist in Your Community is our on-the-road program! Instructors travel to facilitate week-long workshops in Creative Identity and Creative Health. These programs offer a variety of media, can be adapted to fit your community's needs and are inclusive for all. Rates will vary based on number of participants and location. Inquire here

Creative Identity


Photovoice is a creative and collaborative workshop that centers around personal and community storytelling. Participants take photographs of whatever they choose; each individual has the choice of what story to tell about themselves and their community. After taking photographs, participants are encouraged and empowered to write about the images: why did they photograph it? What story does it tell? What emotions does it evoke?

Focus Film

In the Focus Film workshop, participants are given a prompt: what do you wish other people would pay more attention to? They are then encouraged to go out into their community and make a short film in response to this prompt. Students will learn constructs of narrative - character, plot, theme, setting and technical facets of filmmaking - camera work, directing, editing. At the end of the week, a screening will be held so participants have the opportunity to show their short films to their community.

Say What You Zine
In the Say What You Zine workshop, participants are prompted to make a list of everything they are curious and passionate about. They are then encouraged to create a zine (a short hand-made book) about any or all of the items on their list. Anything is possible in a zine– family recipes, poetry, collages, diary entries, word searches, quizzes. This form is all about curiosity and creativity– whatever your heart desires!

Welcome Home
In the Welcome Home workshop, participants will be inspired to create a visual art piece that explores the theme of home, and whatever it means to them. Home could mean food, the airport, the forest, an elder, an actual house, or maybe it is abstract: a colour, a word. Participants will have a choice of media that can include ink, watercolour, graphite, pastel, coloured pencil, paint marker. This workshop will culminate in an art show at the end of the week where participants have the opportunity to show and share their work with the community.

These workshops in photovoice, film, zines and visual art are identity-based, prompting participants to explore how their identities may inspire and influence their artwork. 


This initiative fosters passion-based arts projects with a trauma-informed approach. It bridges the gap between structured education and authentic learning experiences, empowering participants to tell their stories and to connect with their culture and community in a creative learning environment.

Creative Health

Mindful Movement

In Mindful Movement, participants practice Yoga and Essentrics led by certified Instructors. These workshops are an opportunity to explore alternative means of movement that serve to further develop physical literacy. 

Creative Arts

Creativity is a means of expression that contributes to overall health and well-being. These expressive arts workshops focus on creative writing and a variety of visual arts that can include graphite, ink, watercolour, pastel and acrylic.


In these workshops participants learn breath, grounding and visualization techniques to help manage anxiety and build resilience. Breathwork and meditation provide a foundation of healthy habits that serve as invaluable life skills.

Cold Plunge

Cold plunge is a guided experience into cold water that helps with inflammation, emotional health, strength and adaptability. Cold exposure is used as part of athletic recovery and as a means of stress reduction. Additionally, when done outdoors in a group, these workshops provide a sense of community and connection with nature.

Forest Exploration

Participants hike and explore the forest with a guide to better understand how nature is a tool for health and well-being. This workshop can include Shinrin-yoku (forest bathing), a practice originating in Japan that has proven to build mindfulness and develop focus.

Creative Health workshops can include:  Mindful Movement, Creative Arts, Breathwork + Meditation, Cold Plunge, Forest Exploration.


This program helps to foster healthy habits and build life skills to better manage emotions, stress and anxiety. Our workshops help develop the intersection of physical literacy, creativity and mental health with a focus on mindfulness and overall well-being. They enhance a connection with self, which in turn, enhances a connection with community.

Past Initiatives

House Gallery,
Halton Hills

In 2012, through Grand Challenges Canada Funded Project, The Raise-an-Artist Project partnered with Dr.Carmen Logie, to facilitate Photovoice workshops for youth ages 18 -24 in Leogane, Haiti. Jenny led photography and creative writing workshops to explore themes of survival, struggle, spirituality, safety, security, loss and hope. She then executed photo-editing and book design to publish the workshop material and distribute it to the community. Additionally, The Raise-an-Artist Project developed a fundraiser - Donate to Educate - an education fund to sponsor a family of five girls placed at risk after the 2010 Hurricane.

Noodle Gallery, Alton

The Raise-an-Artist Project partnered with Noodle Gallery at the historic Alton Mill to host annual art exhibitions from 2017-2019. 10% of sales were donated to The Alton Millpond Rehabilitation Project to help clean the water and improve fish habitats. 

Hillsview Active Living Centre, Georgetown

In 2015, The Raise-an-Artist Project provided visual art tree study and landscape seminars in pen + ink and watercolour for the residents of Hillsview Active Living Centre.

Brisbane Public School,

From 2010-2012, Jenny founded and facilitated a writer’s club at Brisbane Elementary School. She led volunteer creative writing workshops  in poetry and prose. 

In 2006, Jenny was awarded an Arts Education Project Grant from The Ontario Arts Council. Raise An Artist: helping us all see differently was a community-based learning exchange between children in Toronto and professional artists in Halton Hills. When she received this grant, she returned to Regent Park where she had long standing relationships with the community through her work as a teacher and art director. The workshops culminated in an art exhibition  that bridged these two communities.  All proceeds from the Art Show 'Scallywags' went to the artists and to the Regent Park community for future art initiatives. This grant was the inspiration for The Raise-an-Artist Project, founded by Jenny. 

Go Rocco 

Go Rocco began in November 2014 to help those with Cancer make families; to educate, inform and raise awareness about Cancer, Fertility and Oncofertility. This initiative brought together a community of artists, educators and health practitioners. Jenny performed campaign promotion on CTV's Canada AM and The Motts Radio, at Fertile Future's: An Evening of Hope, through newspapers, crowdfunding, social media, gallery art shows, virtual art shows and gained support from Canadian Fertility Consultants, Flowerday Law and Fertile Future.

Willow Park Ecology Centre,

In 2022, Jenny provided volunteer workshops in local and migratory bird illustration for World Migratory Bird Day. 

Halton Hills

Since 2012, The Raise-an-Artist Project annually  sponsors one family in financial need to attend a week of  Art Camp. 

The Raise-an-Artist Project hosted our first four art exhibitions at House Gallery from 2012 - 2016. Artists had the opportunity to take pride in sharing their work with peers and learn the business side of being an artist, as well as the importance of contributing back to the community. Over the years, artists collectively donated to: SKETCH an arts initiative engaging young people who live homeless or on the margins, StepStones, a charity supporting  youth involved in child welfare. Camp Quality, a volunteer charitable organization running programs for children with cancer and blood disorders. The Sunshine Foundation of Canada (Shine) a group that works with young people living with physical disabilities.

Rural Commons, Erin

In 2023, The Raise-an-Artist Project held 'Punk' a group art show at Rural Commons. Artists had the opportunity to sell their work and donate 10% of sales to Water First an NGO dedicated to provided clean, safe drinking water for Indigenous communities.

In the Clouds

In 2020, The Raise-an-Artist Project developed an online showcase in lieu of our in-person art exhibitions in order to keep our arts community connected. 10% of sales were donated to the local Food Bank.

The Garlic Mustard Busters Festival,

In 2010/2011, The Raise-an-Artist Project participated in a student-led community initiative to raise awareness and pull the invasive species Garlic Mustard. Workshops were then held to create recipes with the plant.


Regent Park,

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