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An artist is a loyal person who does what they love to do




An artist releases his mind and lets all people have a look and be joyful and proud of his art




Raise an Artist: helping us all see differently
 Ontario Arts Council
Arts Education Project Grant


Raise An Artist: helping us all see differently was an Arts Education Project Grant developed by Jenny Lorito in 2006. This grant was awarded to Jenny by The Ontario Arts Council and implemented with their support and funding. See Differently was an Ontario community-based learning exchange between children in Toronto and professional artists in Halton Hills.

Jenny taught art and business skills workshops in Regent Park that helped to facilitate the development of artistic potential in children. The workshops culminated in an art exhibition in Halton Hills that bridged these two communities. It linked developing artists with professional artists, business owners and community members to promote visual arts in education and to increase public awareness of the value of the arts. All proceeds from the Art Show Scallywags went to the artists and to the kid’s community for future art initiatives.

The success of the Raise an Artist Grant lied in the bridging of communities and the shared promotion and celebration that everyone sees differently.

This grant was the inspiration for The Raise-an-Artist Project, founded by Jenny Lorito. 


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