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The Raise-an-Artist Project Press

We at the Raise-an-Artist Project Press are thrilled to present the following publications. Publishing a printed book is a remarkable goal that we are delighted to help our artists reach. These featured artists have a passion for their work. Whatever the media - creative writing, illustration, photography - they have experienced the pride of accomplishment and the joy of selling their books online and at our Art Shows.

This is the Start of the Universe is Alana Dunlop's third publication with The Raise-an-Artist Project Press. This is a collection of poetry that delves into the heart of emotion.  

Alana Dunlop's fourth publication with The Raise-an-Artist Project Press slyly disects love, language and travel. Another Language to Lie In is an accomplished poetry collection. 

Get Lost in this cool collection of dark short stories and poetry by Sadie Bell.

Alana Dunlop bravely explores the spaces between us in her stunning book of modern poetry: Social Strategies.  


A stunning travel photo journal. Carmen Mattear achieves rich depths of landscape in Alberta.

Join Francis and Fernanda on a wild adventure in Mackenzie Cameron's timeless, lyrical narrative poem: From Here to There.


Unique, clean compostion and an alluring honesty, Allana Cooper has created a beautiful collection of photography.


feels good, doesn’t hurt has big feelings it can’t name. The narrator paints a delicious and honest portrait of early adolescence and the pursuit of pleasure in this strange, painful world. 

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