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Art School

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Welcome to Art School! Education in visual arts, literary arts, performing arts, musical arts and culinary arts. An alternative learning that supplements your child's current education program - whether homeschool, unschool or traditional school.

Art School fosters curiosity-led learning, creative learning, collaborative learning, outdoor learning and inspired learning. We encourage kids to chase their passion, to learn about themselves as individuals and as part of a community and to develop life skills such as: organization, communication, creativity, expression, compassion,
self-esteem, health, friendship and resilience.


Acting + Music + Filmmaking + Literacy
Jonny is a warm, gregarious, fun instructor with tons of talent and gear! Students have the opportunity to learn in the music studio with guitar, drums, loopers + samplers, piano, keyboard, voice and to make art using drone aerial camera, animation, augmented reality. To boot, he is an excellent literary coach, sharing epic read alouds that involve improv, impressions and comedic voice work.

Embroidery + Tailoring + Ink + Cooking
Our alumni Rach is an algebraic math and biomedical science geek/visual artist and cook! She’s drawn to the logic of language and numbers and fascinated by the depth of science. This is evident in all she creates. Her intricate ink and embroidery is wildly detailed. With Rach you can design a tattoo, alter old clothes, embroider a tote and cook up a storm. Home Ec has never been so cool!
Instagram: @howlovelyhowtwisted

Filmmaking + Cooking + Thrift Art
An absurdist, surrealist sculptor + painter, an incredible local chef, and inspired filmmaker - who is this kid?!  He is an open, friendly, creative, pure heart and an alumni. Malcolm leads workshops in up-cycling thrifted items into unique, wearable and usable art, short films and zero waste cooking.
Instagram: @mminddoffjjudahh

New Media + VR + Digital Art/Design
This alumni is shaking up the art world as Ontario’s hottest, new emerging artist. Carmen’s work is cutting edge; new media, VR Oculus, experimental sound - it is conceptual, interactive and focuses on film and family narrative. Much like her work, Carmen is thoughtful, logical, meditative and an amazing listener.
Instagram: @handlewith.caution 

Literacy + Creative Writing + Painting + Illustration 
Jenny is fascinated by the silly and the strange; by off-beat characters. She wants everyone to embrace their weird little self. Her love of character is evident in her books, her artwork and in the people she collects. Jenny is the ultimate word nerd. Whatever the media, as a story coach, Jenny guides students to develop character and to find the story.

Photography + Indigenous Studies + Carving
Barry is an Inuk Artist and old school woodsman with a modern kick. Forester, sculptor, lumberjack, bush-crafter, education leader, Barry loves to be in the woods with or without his camera. He is grounded and patient and loves to learn and impart knowledge - a true teacher. Barry’s sculpture, film and photography is deeply tied into nature.
Instagram: @barrybestphotography

Experiential Design + Poetry + Zines

This alumni is a combo of tech savvy smarts and emotional depth. She is an interactive designer, poet and illustrator with a love of performance.  Andreja collaborates with students to make old school zines, recite poetry or create an experiential installation based on a theme.
Instagram: @andrejamakes

Acting + Voice Acting + Screenwriting
Danny brings the party with her improv, song, dancing, acting, creative play and ridiculous personality. She has strong versatility with a background in theatre, film and voice acting. Students will workshop scripts, improvise scenes and work with recording equipment to hone their voice acting skills. It promises to be an odd and silly time!
Instagram: @daniellaforget7

Illustration + Painting + Heightened Realism 
Leah’s work walks off the page - this girl's got chops! Our alumni has won many awards and accolades and we can see why. She excels in portraiture, figurative and landscapes with a particular passion for soft pastel. Leah offers tips and techniques on how to bring work to life in graphite, pastel, oil and acrylic. Supportive and confident, Leah’s a leader.
Instagram: @leahprobstart

Fiber Art + Literacy + Design
Raise-a-Lifelong-Learner co-founder, home school hero, design queen, organizational whiz and weaving wonder. Jess is all of the above and more! Her love of literature and her patient nature makes her a remarkable literacy coach and fiber artist. Jess's keen aesthetic combines weaving tradition with modern design.
Instagram: @jessi_leigh_art

Trail Hiking + Landmarking + Mapmaking 
Heather, a Certified Ontario Hike Instructor and an original Earth Ranger, is a true steward of all things nature - she walks the talk! Students will learn pack prep, trail navigation and topo map making based on their trail observations and experience. Heather is a master of communication, connection and community, a valued resource and an architectural illustrator - this will prove to be an adventure!
Instagram: @joyscoutlearnshop

Mixed Media + Logic Puzzling + Eco Fun Coaching 
Carly + us = fun + versatility. She's up for it!  A creative problem solver, logical math geek, visual artist, environmentalist, actor, tap dancer, fort builder extraordinaire and athlete. Whatever you're into Carly will meet you there - this kid is adaptable! Students are lucky to benefit from the bevy of her skill and talent.

Plant Taxonomy + Foraging + Vegan Cooking 
Earth sign - earth girl!  Mal is deeply rooted to the forest and the fungi. She has a vast knowledge of plant medicine and plant-based cooking. With Mallory you will head out to explore the forest and observe, classify, catalogue and forage.
Then you will create plant-based dishes and natural remedies. Mallorys passion for plants is palpable - she's got good heart and good hippy smarts!

Art Studio
Graphite, coloured pencil, chalk, pastel, watercolour, oil, acrylic, ink, clay, fiber, photography, film

Music Studio
Drum, piano, guitar, looper + sampler, keyboard, ukulele, glockenspiel, jukebox

Ages 6-14,

Small Group Studio

10:30am – 3:30pm


September 12th, 2023 – June 12th, 2024

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