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Art Class


Art Classes are designed to help each student define and achieve their artistic goal; be it art fundamentals, building a portfolio, finishing a project, creative play, expressive arts or discovering new mediums + genres. We are a supportive arts community - one that promotes exploration; we mentor and coach students to make choices; to use their voices. Students develop their own unique visual perception and creative confidence.

Visual Arts

Fine Art + Expressive Art

Media: pencil, ink, charcoal, scratchboard, coloured pencil, pastel, watercolour, acrylic, oil, clay, photography, fibre arts

Literary Arts

Literacy + Creative Writing

Genres: poetry, short story, novel, script, screenplay, essay, article, report, bio, cv

Entrepreneurial Arts

Art + Business

Portfolio building, branding, marketing, networking + promotion. School, show + grant application. Web, social media, logo + merch



Kids  4-12Teens  13-19Adults  20+


1 hour Private Class - $50+hst

1.5 hour Small Group Class - $40+hst

Classes are sold in books of ten. All art supplies included. Classes run from September to June with no set seasonal sessions - students can register at any time!


"My daughters love of art is constantly nourished through different media and genres. Their self confidence has increased with the amazing guidance, caring and creativity of Jenny’s teachings and friendship. She is a true role model that helps kids grow and express themselves through art, writing and discussions. The girls absolutely love going to both Jenny’s classes and camps!"

- Tania Lediard                                                                          


“Jenny is devoted to making everyone recognize that they are special and continues to remind us that there are no mistakes in art. This is the perfect place for inspiration and will always be connected to happy memories for me. Here I can be myself and unlock my inner artist." 

– Hannah Robinson


"Volunteering with Jenny taught me so many skills that I have carried on to my future profession. Jenny's ability to make everyone feel good about themselves amazes me; it really is a gift. I am very lucky she has shared it with me."

– Julia Joseph

“Art Class has come to mean so much more to our family. I have watched my children develop skills, confidence and an appreciation for the unique gifts we all possess. Jenny is a truly gifted teacher that has created a space where young people can feel safe to explore their own emerging personalities and talents and where they will always be encouraged, supported and valued.”

- Shannon Bettridge


"Jenny has been absolutely brilliant with my sons. She is truly interested in mentoring children by helping them learn, grow and succeed both in their art expression and as individuals. Her personality allows people of all ages to shine!"

- Leanne Wilkinson


"My girls are becoming more confident in their own creative capacity because Jenny has inspired their efforts and valued their individual talents."

- Nancy Domodossola

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