From the Artists:

My experience having Jenny as my Art Instructor for the past five years has not only been educational; she and her supportive nature have helped me mature as an Artist and as a person. I am now studying Visual Arts at the University of Western Ontario. Without Jenny’s encouragement over the past few years of my life I doubt that I would have had the courage to pursue further education in the field that I am genuinely interested in.


Amelia Harkins


Art allows me to express my opinions in a form that is true. This is a very calm, peaceful, environment that promotes creativity.


Drew Dolson

For the last six years Jenny has been such a form of positivity in my life and one the biggest role models for me to grow up with. I will be eternally grateful for all she has helped me through and taught me! I love Jenny and can't wait to have her there in the next stages of my life.


Rachel Mein

Being at Jenny's is like dreaming a sweet dream, or drinking ice cold water after a race. It's so refreshing and is as easy as breathing. The carefree atmosphere makes everyone feel at home. Jenny's warmth and kindness adds to the amazing journey. She is devoted to making everyone recognize that they are special and continues to remind us that there are no mistakes in art. This is the perfect place for inspiration and will always be connected to happy memories for me. Here I can be myself, and unlock my inner Artist.


Hannah Robinson

When I come here and focus on an art piece I feel like I've accomplished something for the day and bettered myself for the future.


Max Moffatt

My time with Jenny has been only two years, and I can say that I have given her my complete trust! She is always encouraging and doesn’t stop trying to make me smile. I enjoy the art I get to do with her and friends in my classes as well in her amazing camps! I took life from a very negative point of view and Jenny has encouraged me to express my emotions in painting, writing and doing spontaneous dancing. I love Jenny!


Madison Fournier

I am so grateful to Jenny for letting me get my volunteer hours in these couple weeks of camp. She has taught me so many skills that I can carry on to future professions. Jenny's ability to make everyone feel good about themselves amazes me, it really is a gift. I am very lucky she has shared it with me.


Julia Joseph

This is a chance to get away from the real world to explore colours. I come here because it is a good environment, good atmosphere, good people.


Jack Walters

When I tell people about my classes with Jenny, I find I'm at a loss for words, my time spent with her has been an unbelievably unique time of growth. She has helped me

in my present and forever will help me in my future. I plan on keeping her in my life for as long as I live. I come here for therapy and for art. I like to see my progress. All the supplies you can ask for that can be used in any way you want!


Robin Moffatt

From their Families:

Sweet Notes:


What a great Art Show! Thanks for giving the kids this wonderful opportunity - a great learning experience and fun all around. You are an awesome teacher.




Yes she did...WE ALL HAD FUN! In fact she said it was probably one of her BEST BIRTHDAYS EVER!



Gracyn is enjoying his time in Art Class learning and discovering with you and we are so grateful for that! He is constantly drawing and sketching at home. He is so inspired and you are a huge part of that. Thank you for bringing out so much creativity, skill and inspiration in our boy! 



Thank you for being such a support to Amelia and for encouraging her to open up.



Katie loved her first Art Class! She had a lot of fun and soaked up everything. She wants to do nothing but draw now. Thanks for a great start.




Thanks for letting Drew volunteer at camp with you last week. He enjoyed himself and it really helped him out to get his community hours for high school. We are so lucky to have met you and joined your Art Classes!




Helping Anna get herself organized for this project is HUGE! She listens to you and felt quite happy and relieved after today's class. Phew. She has been quite worried about it and you were able to give her the help and confidence she needs.

Thank you thank you thank you,




Matthew is sad the camp week is over. We keep quoting Dr. Seuss " Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened". You have a gift with kids -  thanks for sharing it.




Thank you for sharing your many talents with the arts and people, you rock!! And thank you for putting on such a great Art Show. It was really nice to watch all the talent in the room connect.




You are great influence on these kids.





My daughter has been taking Art Classes with Jenny since she was five years old. She immediately loved the fun atmosphere and the joy of getting messy creating art. As the years have gone on, however, Art Class has come to mean so much more to her and to our family. I have watched her develop skills, confidence and an appreciation for the unique gifts we all posses. Jenny is a truly gifted teacher that has created a space where young people can feel safe to explore their own emerging personalities and talents and where they will always be encouraged, supported and valued.

- Shannon Bettridge



Jenny's is ….FUN!….a nurturing, creative, unique space for all learners of visual art and literature filled with lots of love, a big heart and a listening ear.

- Cheryll Collins



My daughter has had an amazing time at Art Camp and has said it is her favourite camp. As a parent it is so wonderful to see your child at the end of the day with stars in her eyes as she tells you about the day. We will definitely be signing her up again next year. It has been a great experience. 

- Julie Adamo-Cass



My two daughters have been taking both Art and Creative Writing classes with Jenny for the past two years. Their love of art is constantly nourished through different media and styles of expression.  I have really noticed that their self confidence has increased with the amazing guidance, caring and creativity of Jenny’s teachings and friendship. She is a true role model for both of my girls and our family loves how she helps them to grow and express themselves in her classes, through art, writing and discussions. The girls absolutely love going to both Jenny’s classes and camps!

- Tania Lediard                                                                          



Jenny has been absolutely brilliant with my sons. She is truly interested in mentoring children by helping them learn, grow and succeed both in their art expression and as individuals. Her personality allows children of all ages to shine!

- Leanne Wilkinson



My daughter has so much fun at Jenny's Art Camps that she relives each moment of her day with us and is so proud and excited to show us her work. Jenny inspires and encourages her to take chances and explore. She completely adores Jenny and I can totally see why. Attending Jenny's Camps and Classes has further empowered my daughter to take risks in her daily life. Jenny is a beautiful inspiration to our girl! 

- Mary Beth Robinson



Jenny is the most amazing Art Teacher. My son absolutely loves learning from her and spending time with her! She is passionate about art, teaches it so well and is such a lovely person to have as an influence in my son's life.

- Dawn Dolson



My girls are becoming more confident in their own creative capacity because Jenny has inspired their efforts and valued their individual talents.

- Nancy Domodossola



My daughter has participated in Jenny’s Art Camps and now in Creative Writing classes for over four years. She enjoys her weekly evening class with Jenny. Jenny has encouraged and fostered her love of Photography and Creative Writing.

- Kathy Cameron



Jenny is beautiful, inside and out. She makes all her participants feel that they are perfect just the way they are and they are empowered to tackle any of their dreams.

- Susy Joseph