Photovoice is a tool of empowerment, creativity and social change. Taking photos and telling stories as they relate to the photo creates opportunities for those who experience marginalization; it allows them to actively participate in enhancing their community by giving them a chance to tell their stories and have their voices heard. Photovoice puts cameras into individual's hands so that they can create photographic evidence and symbolic representations to help others see the world through their eyes. Photovoice empowers. And with empowerment, individuals are likely to possess greater authority to advocate for an improved quality of life for themselves and for other members of their communities. Photovoice inspires. It inspires community members and researchers throughout the world to initiate change. 


In Haiti, Jenny had the honour of facilitating Photovoice Workshops with youth aged 18 - 24. These youth were brave enough to identify, record and explore their personal experiences, their strengths and struggles, through image and text. They trusted enough to help create a safe environment wherein they could openly share and discuss their personal experiences. For many, these Photovoice Workshops were a powerful means of expression. Some themes explored were: survival, struggle, play, loss, pain, love, spirituality, safety, hope, family and community. While, participants learned fundamental photography skills they also used art - photography and creative writing - as a means of expressive arts therapy. Participants were often vulnerable and emotional. It is with this kind of courage, and with the published results of these Workshops, that the youth of Leogane have had a hand in not only changing their own lives but also in informing decision makers and influencing policy.


The Raise-an-Artist Project offers local and International Photovoice Workshops to small groups who experience marginalization; socially, economically, politically. To those struggling with identity politics - with gender and sexuality or race and ethnicity. To those striving to know themselves and to find their place in their community. Photovoice is a powerful tool that inspires hope and effects change.


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open pdf to see the photos and hear the stories of Leogane's youth