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Alternative Learning Program

fall 2020 update


We are saddened to announce that we will not be running Raise-a-Lifelong-Learner in September. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will have to put our program on hold. We are a close-knit community in a small learning space and so we cannot adhere to distancing requirements or see how learners could receive the full benefits of what we do. Thank you for your understanding. Look forward to seeing you soon.



Who We Are - By Flypress Films

How do you feel about your child's current education? Are you satisfied with what they are learning, how they are learning, where they are learning? Are they motivated to learn? Does your child need to be challenged? Or inspired? Or heard?  

We offer an alternative learning program. A supplement to a school or homeschool program.

We want to know who your child is. We strive to understand how they see the world and learn what inspires them. We encourage them to dig deeper, follow their passion, learn about themselves as individuals and as part of a community. We help foster their internal motivation so that they maintain their innate curiosity.

What we learn, how we learn, where we learn and who supports our learning, really matter. This is central to our ongoing success and happiness.

Here we learn in a Farmhouse Studio: a warm, bright, happy, creative house surrounded by fields, forest, creeks - plenty of space outside to explore. We offer hands-on learning with focussed coaching to help your child take pride in who they are and what they make. Within our learning community we celebrate each individual and help them set goals and take on challenges.


We encourage the development of life skills such as: organization, communication, creativity, literacy, expression, math, compassion, self-esteem, business, health, science, friendship and resilience.
We welcome you to join us!

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Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 10:00 - 3:00 

Creative Writing + Literacy - 1 hr.

poetry, prose, script, comic, writing games, reading comprehension, writing workshops, essay structure 

Visual Art + Design - 1 hr.
drawing, painting, photography, pottery, graphic design, bookmaking, textiles 

Nature + Lunch - 1 hr.
nature hike on Bruce Trail, fort building, picnics, gardening, sustainable food, healthy choices 

Goals + Projects - 2 hrs.
setting weekly goals, individual or collaborative projects, math and science tutoring


35 week program

September 10 2019 - May 28 2020


6 - 18

We welcome ages 6 to 18. *Diversity in age provides the opportunity for learner-mentoring, fosters empathy and encourages understanding. Learning happens best within a helping and diverse community* 


Maximum Enrollment:




$91 x 35 week program = $3185+hst

Total yearly fee = $3599.05

*fee = one day per week*


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Jenny Lorito M.A.


Jenny loves learning and teaching. It is her passion and her life's work. She has been an educator for 25 years. Jenny has worked as an Educational Assistant, Child and Youth Worker, ESL Teacher, Integration Aid, Art Therapist and Camp Director. She has worked with a wide variety of learners - special needs and exceptional - in a wide variety of environments - Public and Catholic Boards of Education, Private Schools, Universities, Private and Subsidized Camps - nationally and internationally. Due to her extensive experience as both learner and educator, Jenny is acutely aware that we all learn differently; every learner is a unique individual with incredible potential. It is this philosophy that prompted Jenny to found The Raise-an-Artist Project and to partner with Jessica to found Raise-a-Lifelong-Learner. 


Jessica Hill

Jessica is a firm believer that every child is born with innate curiosity, drive, and a deep hunger for discovery and learning. Jessica has been working with children for as long as she can remember - from nanny, to personal support worker for at-risk youth, to assisting at a YWAM school in remote Brazil, to supply teacher, to studying concurrent education at Trinity Western University. Most recently, Jessica has partnered in education with her own children, now 16 and 17 years old, who have never set foot in a traditional classroom. They are bright, compassionate, hard-working, enthusiastic, adventurous learners, and a true testament to the potential of an education done differently. Jessica is beyond excited to share what she has learned on this educational journey with others who wish to carve out their own educational path.


Bianca Gagliostro

Bianca Gagliostro is a graduate of Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science, majoring in both Mathematics and Statistics. From there Bianca followed her passion for teaching and was blessed to receive her OCT designation from Redeemer University College. Bianca continued to grow her knowledge and received advanced qualification in Senior Level Mathematics and Special Education from the University of Toronto. Bianca’s special education background has found success accommodating diverse student needs and facilitating different type of learning approaches. Bianca's creative mathshops teach us all how to have fun learning and to make connections to math everywhere in life.

Rachel Mein


Rachel is a true life-long learner. From a remarkably young age she was drawn to the logic of language and numbers and fascinated by the depth of science. Rachel excelled in school with honors, particularly in maths and sciences, but later found that the traditional education system did not grow with her. As a result, she was prompted to teach herself. Rachel witnessed first-hand how the school system can fail those who require different resources to foster their learning. Her autistic brother was affected by the education system's inability to accommodate all learners and so Rachel took part in developing his alternative education. At University Rachel studied algebraic math and biomedical science. She is a fantastic tutor whose pure excitement for maths and sciences makes learning fun.

Kelly Paul M.Sc.

Kelly has a broad range of experience as an educator. She has worked as a Private School Teacher, a Literacy Tutor for the Public Board, a Private Tutor,  an EA, a Athletic Coach and an Outdoor Educator. Kelly finds great joy in developing creative strategies to help children engage and feel successful in learning journeys of all types. As a mother of two she has an endless opportunity to practice. Kelly believes that as an educator you have an opportunity to help someone discover what makes them amazing. 


 Please Note:
This is an alternative education program to supplement your current homeschooling and/or school education. We do not offer school board credits. Please note that it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child meets any desired education requirements.  

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